Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Honeybee Lotion Bars in the Grand Canyon

Our full line of Milk+Honey body care products will now be available to visitors and adventurers to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Bar 10 Ranch, a lodge, family cattle ranch, and host of Grand Canyon activities from river rafting to helicopter tours, will be offering our Nanny Goat Milk soaps, Honeybee Lotion Bars and Anywhere Balms.

Our products are perfect for their Ranch! Several years ago, a ruggedly-handsome young man came to my booth at the Farmers Market to tell me that my lotion bar was the only thing that saved his hands while he was going down the Grand Canyon. Since then, I have wanted to get my products into the backpacks of more outdoor adventurers, knowing that their natural ingredients were appropriate for camping, soothing for active skin, easy to carry, versatile, and consistent with environmental values.

Bar 10 Ranch has smartly ordered all my products in tins, so that folks can easily pack and protect their soaps and lotions during their Grand Canyon journey.

I'd love to hear more stories of adventures my products have been on!

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