Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow in Boulder

Hi Folks,

I'm visiting Boulder for the first time, and what interests me about being here is all the businesses and "brands" that have originated from here. Most of these companies are significant in that they are forward thinking: eco-friendly, cutting-edge natural, healthy, good-for-you with savvy branding. Boulder seems to be a real launching platform for these kind of entrepreneurial ventures. (The town itself makes all those values a priority--bikes and bike paths everywhere, public transportation, a million kinds of trash receptacles for processing recyclables (and a broad recycling program), a local food movement, etc etc.) Exactly the kind of stuff I find inspiring. I am also impressed with the scale of these boulder-based, national brands--just sipping tea this morning in the window of a cafe (watching lots and lots of snow coming down), I could feel this entrepreneurial spirit--and I realized I have been thinking too small with Milk and Honey.

As with any growth or future plan, there can be feelings of fear--even some hidden deep within the desire to grow and move forward. I could feel the fear of a certain kind of growth--one in which I imagine my business becoming more impersonal, somehow, if it gets too big.

But here in Boulder, with all these successful companies, I started to envision that as I grow, my sense of community and connection will simply expand--to encompass more people, in more places. And my ability to reach more people in a positive way--whether that means inspiring them to do business differently, run out and get a few goats, or create meaningful jobs--will be bigger too.

Thanks Boulder!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sula the Goat Stuffie--Now Available!

Sula the Goat has arrived on my website--the perfect, cuddly gift from our farm to you! On each and every box of our new packaging, we feature Milk and Honey's "Employee of the Month"--one of our girls, of course! Our goats are our most valuable employees, and we've decided to honor them by offering this adorable Nanny Goat Stuffie who we've named after our goat Sula. With her white floppy Nubian ears down to the dark stripes on her nose, she is of course a charming gift for the children (and goat lovers) in your life. You can pair her with a soap and save 10%. She even says "BAAAHHH!" when you squeeze her!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reflections on “Local” . . . as I send soaps and lotions out to customers and stores across the country (and even the world!)

Steve Wall, of Buckin' Bee Honey, is my supplier of beeswax; I consider him a business partner, he is so integral to my business.

“Local” may not be relevant to you if you’re buying my product in Pennsylvania or Minnesota, but what it really means is “relationship-based business.”

We make sourcing our business needs locally—from our ingredients to our graphic designers—a core value of Milk and Honey, because we can form long, meaningful, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with the talented, hardworking folks who are also our friends and neighbors. We believe that business connections based on relationships will be stronger, more fruitful and more ethically responsible—beyond what any contract could cover.

As our products move out into the world beyond our local Northern New Mexico community, we hope these values inspire others to do the same.

Our business friends are listed on the “resources” page of our website—visit their websites, call them, learn about them, give them your business!