Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where do the holes go? A paean to recycled art

This is art made from the numerous circles of cardboard that are by-products of my new packaging! These pieces were made by kids at my daughter's school, Fayette Street Academy, under the guidance of Carol Ware, a Santa Fe artist and jeweler. I am thrilled that these cut-outs can have a new creative life, and am excited by the possibilities of a "green business" meaning not just run-of-the-mill recycling, but actually recycling that spawns new life and beauty in the world, not to mention creative materials and inspiration for children!

And, this is an opportunity to rave about Santa Fe's famous annual Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival, which took place this weekend. (Mentioned in USA Today!) I bought a fabulous pair of earrings from Carol (from the "cut collection"--visit her site), got total goosebumps from the stunning sculpture of Bates Wilson, especially his piece "Totem for Troubled Times" which has a haunting presence in real life. You can see photos of his work, but of course, they pale in comparison to the real thing.

I also bonded with Levi Koenen, who makes license plate art signs, of all things, but he and I gabbed about business and gift shows, and is a comrade! I hope to visit his shop in Tuscon some day, or maybe I'll run into him at the LA Gift Show.

It is always good for me to be exposed to incredible creativity, beauty, crafty entrepreneurs, and Holiday shoppers!