Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whole Foods--WOW!

Folks, be the first to hear the news:

I sent a package of samples to Whole Foods in Boulder, and this was their response:

"I am delighted with the new items and the time spent on packaging. There really is a Wow Factor to the line!"


They will be starting my products at the Santa Fe store in January--then, the world!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Honey Harvest

Here's about half of the honey (and beeswax) we harvested yesterday. We? Steve Wall, beekeeper of Buckin' Bee Honey , and supplier of the beeswax for my lotion bars, came over and mercifully helped me harvest and clean up my hive.

I'm considering trying out a Langstroth hive for next season, instead of the top bar style hive. I realized watching Steve, just how much I still need to learn about beekeeping. For example, I have a pretty big fear of getting stung. That kind of makes it hard to beekeep calmly and frequently. Sure enough, I got a TINY sting on my finger yesterday, and it was swollen this morning. But the honey is just miraculous. There is nothing like honey still warm from the hive. As a product, it is absolutely perfect and complete, courtesy of the bees--no processing or changing necessary, like an apple just picked from a tree or an egg plucked out from under a chicken.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Soaps are on the Shelves . . .

My new packaging is getting around. . .
These pics are from a lovely store here in Santa Fe called Beauty Naturally in the DeVargas Mall.
Some other sites:
La Montanita Coop, Santa Fe

Herbs, etc, Santa Fe

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Beloved Male Customer

This is Grif, and last Saturday he brought a friend to my booth at the Farmers Market to tell them how wonderful my products were, and to buy himself another lavender-rosemary soap. Thank you Grif!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bees Knees--how cool is this?

Electron microscopic photos of bees!

Lotion Bar helps Girl with Eczema

Pictured here with her brother and sister, this little customer (center) came with her mother to purchase a lotion bar and a soap--the lotion bar has helped her eczema dramatically. I elected not to take a picture of her healing skin, but it was impressive. The lotion bar was first purchased by her nanny; and then they came back to buy some themselves. I am thrilled that it has helped her (she used to be up at night with itchy skin), but my favorite part is a comment her mother made, "she likes to put it on herself."

I don't formulate my products for a particular condition or cure; as I say in my disclaimer on my website, "lotion bars are intended to make your skin feel good." But my ingredients are pure and simple, and I have great respect for the power of natural beeswax (no pesticides, antibiotics or bleaches) and organic calendula. I love to hear how my customers experience my products, and a story like this one is especially wonderful. I'll mention here that a recent customer from West Hollywood told me she could swear her brown spots were fading.

Try it yourself and let me know what happens!